Thursday, 24 November 2011

Fix Folder Shortcut Problem in Pen drive

hi friends,have you ever faced this problem? you bought some awesome movies,songs,games etc. from your friends laptop,but when you plugged in pen drive in your laptop you found nothing except folder shortcuts!!!!!!!
This problem is very common.There are some steps given below to solve this problem.

So What Caused to Your Folders?

I think,you may already guess it - probably the virus or Trojans. Your pen drive or memory card may be infected. As a result, the files or folders become "hidden". Sometimes you can make them visible again by switching to non-hidden mode, while most of the times you have to kill those virus or Trojans.

Now The Question Is, How to solve This Problem?

first of all do not format your pen drive because your data is still there, feeling relaxed now haaa !!

follow these steps

STEP 1: scan your pen drive with a strong antivirus norton , kaspersky are recommended.
STEP 2:Click on "Start" -->Run-->type cmd and click on OK
STEP 3:now type G: and press enter. (assuming your pen drive as G)
STEP 4:Enter This Command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* and press enter.

problem solved!!!!!!!!
please comment if this is helpful.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

How To Do SMS Spoofing FREE!!!!!!!!

hi friends, this is my first post because i am new to blogging.i hope you all would enjoy this
NOTE:This is not hacking or cracking
Most of you know about spoofing. Those who don't know about spoofing,
sms spoofing is a technique of Sending text messages from any sender ID to any mobile in the world.You can customize
the sender ID as alphanumeric text or any phone number.
There are many sites available on  the internet but mostly of them are fake and other charges for this.

many of you people have searched on net to find any way to do this,
bit could not find any thing RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
because you have to know 
how this mechanism works
what is the technique to get through in the system and mask caller id to change numbers.

Lets leave this part for professionals and come to the point.
there is a website present on the internet which allows you to
send sms + you can customize caller ID (can set any alphanumeric value) but there is limitation on this site,you can send only 25 free sms after which you have to buy messages.
  hey but its good to get something than name is given below
WEBSITE: Click Here

Register on this site and enjoy free sms spoofing
more posts will be there soon
this was simplest one.